Funding for Ponds

Residents in Cheshire East seeking to create or restore wildlife ponds can now benefit from funding and assistance from their local authority.  

If you wish to excavate and fence your own pond you can receive up to £2,100. Alternatively, the scheme will liaise with Cheshire Wildlife Trust to excavate and fence your new pond, providing you up to £700 as an incentive payment. 

New ponds will need to be between 150m2 and 250m2 in area and 1.5m deep, and there is also the potential to restore ponds which have silted up or scrubbed over. To ensure the ponds offer the maximum benefit to wildlife, they will need to be situated within 50m of a hedge or other rough habitat, such as woodland or scrub, and must be within 500m of another pond. 

If you are interested in creating new ponds or restoring existing ponds, please get in touch  


Funding for Ponds
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