Trees For Climate

Trees for Climate is a Defra backed national tree planting programme aiming to plant over 500 hectares of trees across England.  When mature, the trees will store carbon dioxide, playing an important role in the meeting net zero emissions targets as well as reducing flood risk, increasing sustainable UK grown timber and providing more places for nature and biodiversity to thrive. […]

Winter Biodiversity Boost

Most farmland birds really benefit from the provision of additional seed Dec-April.  It gives the birds food through the late winter period when seed is in short supply (known as the hungry gap) and as they enter the breeding season.  Cereals and small seeds provide the most benefit.  Suitable small seeds include canary seed, linseed, oilseed rape, red[…]

Soil Testing

The next couple of months are a good time to catch up with jobs such as soil testing your fields and analysing manures, and with the price of fertiliser this year it is more important than ever to make sure that inputs are well managed.   Decisions about how much nutrient application is needed should be based on accurate[…]

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