Author: Rachelnicolajane

Do you need to update your slurry analysis in 2024?

Slurry testing programme Knowing the fertiliser value of the farm’s slurry and FYM can help you target your nutrient applications from available manures and save on fertiliser costs.  Slurry nutrient levels van vary hugely, leading to inaccurate recording of rates, and impacts on yield and quality. We also recommend slurry[…]


Rachel and Jane attended the agroforestry show recently and have come away inspired! Agroforestry covers many things and is a set of practices combining agricultural crops or livestock with trees and shrubs.  There are many forms from alley cropping in arable fields to tree blocks for livestock shade and shelter. […]

How to benefit from Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants

Countryside Stewardship capital grants remain open for applications, and with the removal of the funding limit, enable farmers to undertake larger projects with environmental benefits.  In 2023, payment rates for most options were also increased.   Stand-alone applications can be made for items from 4 broad ‘themes’ which include:  management and[…]

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