Trees For Climate

Trees for Climate is a Defra backed national tree planting programme aiming to plant over 500 hectares of trees across England. 

When mature, the trees will store carbon dioxide, playing an important role in the meeting net zero emissions targets as well as reducing flood risk, increasing sustainable UK grown timber and providing more places for nature and biodiversity to thrive. 

Trees for Climate covers all agreed costs, including establishment and maintenance and can support the planting of hedgerows with trees, orchards, farm woodlands, and wood pasture. 

The funding is competitive with current Countryside Stewardship options, reflecting land taken out of agricultural production and is aimed at awkward field corners and boundaries, less productive fields and buffering of sensitive habitats.    

If you are interested in planting trees on your land, or looking for a way to demonstrate action on net zero by 2040 and positive biodiversity gains on your farm, then do get in touch with us. 

ELM Associates can assist with planning the design of the woodland including areas and locations, species, open space, guards & fencing requirements.  We’ll also liaise with the local archaeological officer, public rights of way officer and local records office to ensure the application moves as smoothly as possible. We will also support you in implementing your tree planting plan. 

Trees For Climate
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