Regenerative Agriculture Visit

On 26th May the Regenerative Agriculture Discussion Group went to visit Huw Foulkes at Pentrefelin Dairy in Denbighshire. Huw has been gradually bringing the family farm back in hand after the land was rented out for a number of years.  He now runs a small herd of Red Poll cows embracing a regenerative approach on the farm, prioritising animal welfare and land restoration over production.  This is exemplified by Pentrefelin being run as a ‘calf at foot’ dairy where the cows keep their calves while they are milked, and will stay together until the calf is naturally weaned onto grass.

Having stopped using fertilisers and chemical sprays around 3 years ago, the farm now focusses on establishing legume rich pastures. The cows live out all year and are mob grazed, being moved every day with around a 60 day rest period before the land is grazed again.  Huw is trialling Nofence collars to assist with the daily movement of the cows. The youngstock are getting used to wearing the collars and the noises they make and it’ll be interesting to see how they get on when the fences come down.

Pentrefelin Dairy provides milk to several coffee shops and Rhug farm shop, and sells the surplus through an honesty box at the farm which has proved to be very popular. 

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Regenerative Agriculture Visit
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