SFI – What to Do

The Sustainable Farm Incentive is to launch soon so be prepared:

Permissions:  Applications will be done online and can only be done by someone who has Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) ‘Submit’ permission level.  If you want us to help you with the application, give us this level of permission by logging into your RPA account and selecting ‘view your permissions’

Correct Digital Maps: For each land parcel you’ll be including in your SFI application, check that:

  • it’s linked to your Single Business Identifier (SBI) 
  • the land cover correctly reflects the use of the land parcel 
  • the permanent boundaries are correct

SFI and Countryside Stewardship:  You can apply if you are in Countryside Stewardship but areas in CS options such as field margins and wild bird cover will be automatically removed from the total field area eligible for SFI.

Initial Payments

SFI – What to Do
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