Snugbury’s Agro-Forestry & Walnut ice cream!

If you’ve driven past Snugbury’s recently you will have noticed the widely spaced rows of trees in the field along the A51.  These are agro-forestry and are a mixture of 5 different walnut and 5 different cobb (hazel) nut varieties being grown with the aim of future nut production.  Around the boundaries are mixed broadleaves, with additional damson, pear and greengage fruit trees.

The majority of the site was planted in February however one wet field by the canal was undertaken late April – see the planting video.

If you are interested in agro-forestry there is now an excellent agro-forestry handbook available for download …

We are still awaiting more details on agro-forestry and the new stewardship schemes; however the Mersey Forest can also assist with agro-forestry creation.

Snugbury’s Agro-Forestry & Walnut ice cream!
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