SoilMentor App Offer

ELM Associates has partnered up with SoilMentor to bring to our land managers a resource for monitoring soil health.  SoilMentor has been designed by independent agroecologist Nicole Masters, author of ‘For the Love of Soil’ to help farmers know what healthy soils look like, to better understand the impact of land management decisions.  

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The SoilMentor approach consists of an app that allows farmers to map and monitor soils using 10 simple benchmarks of soil health, and provides a platform to help build and share knowledge of what’s working and what’s not. The dashboard can be access on your phone and is simple to share.  The approach works well for those interested in knowing if soil health is improving, and provides a meaningful management tool that can also be used to support the Soil Management Plan that is a requirement Sustainable Farming Incentive Soils Standards.  

SoilMentor are offering ELM Associates clients access to the platform for £85/farm annual licence fee.  If you are interested in participating in this offer, get in touch with your adviser or email us

SoilMentor App Offer
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