Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants – ceiling lifted.

The Capital Grant 2023 offer provides standalone capital item agreements that deliver environment outcomes within four groups: boundaries, trees and orchards; water quality; air quality; and natural flood management. There is no longer a limit to the value of capital items in these groups. There are 70 options available. A new Natural Flood Management group has been added to the CS Capital Grants 2023 offer with three capital items available in this group – RP31 Equipment to disrupt tramlines arable fields, RP32 Small leaky woody dams and RP33 Large leaky woody dams. 

Capital Grants are available as part of a revenue agreement (Mid Tier or Higher Tier) and/or as a standalone Capital Grant agreement. New agreements will have three years to complete the capital works rather than two years.

Standalone Capital Grants are available with a rolling application window, meaning you can make applications at any time of year from 5 January 2023 onwards.

Approval from your local Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer is required for many yard items.  We can help you with this process.

Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants – ceiling lifted.
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