New Woodland working with the Mersey Forest in Cheshire

ELM Associates have negotiated 38ha of new woodland projects which have all been completed this winter, liaising with 15 different landowner’s projects range in size from 0.4ha to 8.9ha.

Working you the schemes vary depending on the farm’s objectives, some are focused on screening, others taking poor performing land out of production or linking existing woodlands.  Establishment can be by planting or natural regeneration and capital costs such as fencing, and gates are 100% covered.  There is an annual payment of £400/ha for 15 years and this is paid in 3 instalments to reduce administration with 70% of the 15-year total paid upfront once the project is underway.

We  have also been trailing biodegradable eco guards and spirals to reduce plastic waste and the need to remove guards and spirals in a few years’ time.

We design the planting for you and can assist with ordering trees and contractors to get the work done.

If you are interested in woodland creation next winter, please get in touch with  If you are outside Cheshire we can still help by funding through the English Woodland Creation Scheme.

Below is an example of planting around existing woodland and ponds taking awkward and wet areas out of farming.

New Woodland working with the Mersey Forest in Cheshire
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