Do you need to update your slurry analysis in 2024?

Slurry testing programme

Knowing the fertiliser value of the farm’s slurry and FYM can help you target your nutrient applications from available manures and save on fertiliser costs.  Slurry nutrient levels van vary hugely, leading to inaccurate recording of rates, and impacts on yield and quality.

We also recommend slurry and manure testing as a key action towards your SFI NUM1 Nutrient Review, allowing you to demonstrate that precision nutrient applications are part of your nutrient management plan.

ELM Associates will be supporting our farmers over 2024 to carry out slurry testing this year, so if you want to know the value of farm slurry and/or FYM, get in touch to discuss your plans.  Standard analysis will test for total nitrogen and nitrate / ammonium nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, copper, zinc and sodium.  Sample bottles can be provided so that you can take a well-mixed sample on farm at the right time, just before applications.  

Do you need to update your slurry analysis in 2024?

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