Our 11 Woodland Projects with Cheshire farmers.

While it’s been a challenging season, our 11 woodland creation projects with the Mersey Forest in Cheshire are now completed with 33ha of new woodland established this year through a mixture of natural colonisation and planting.

All projects are different, and the grant assistance is tailored to the farm’s objectives.  Some focus on screening, others taking poor performing land out of production or linking and expanding existing woodlands.  The payments match the English Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) but are more flexible and easier to apply for. 

In essence you get all capital costs such as the trees and fencing paid for in addition to annual management payments for 15 years.  We now have a wide range of projects across Cheshire and can arrange site visits it you are interested in woodland creation and now is the time to start planning!

Please get in touch with Jane@elmassociates.co.uk.  If you are outside Cheshire we can still help by funding through the English Woodland Creation Scheme.

Our 11 Woodland Projects with Cheshire farmers.
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